Since its establishment in 1983 and its actual launch at the end of 1990, Shikan Insurance and Reinsurance Company Ltd. has been driven by insuring all public sector assets and contributing to securing private sector assets, one of the most important levers of the national economy and tributaries of sustainable development. Since its early inception, it has been distinguished by designing initiatives, breaking into high-risk insurance fields, and reviving the insurance market with new products according to the insurance needs of emerging markets. And it was able in a short time to complete an insurance portfolio that is less available in one company in terms of its diversity and ability to manage risk. Shikan is the largest insurance company in the Sudanese market, according to the performance report of the Sudanese market for the year 2015 issued by the Insurance Supervisory Authority.

The company conducts its insurance activity in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, which require that it be cooperative insurance, where the paid premiums are considered a donation in the cooperative portfolio of the company by the owners of insured properties (insurance policy holders) and insurance surpluses are distributed to them as they are represented by members of the company’s board of directors They bear a share of the losses when they occur.

The supervision of the company’s business from the legal aspect is supervised by a generous group of Sharia, law and economic scholars in accordance with the principles and pillars upon which Islamic insurance is based - which represents the Sudanese experience in its purest form and models.

The company undertakes the tasks of insuring the property of the public sector, the private sector and individuals, and it actively contributes to its main field of insurance and compensation for losses. It is considered the first company in the Takaful field in the country. As well as adding various insurance coverages in the field of livestock insurance, agricultural insurance, export earnings insurance, in addition to medical insurance, as the first Sudanese insurance company to address this field.

Geographical spread and service marketing mechanisms:

 In order to provide an easy and affordable service to all its customers, Shikan has provided a wide network of branches and branch offices throughout the country, totaling 79 branches and offices offering all types of insurance. In addition to more than 300 agents and producers who are trained and equipped with all the necessary information to market various insurance products. Behind them stands a technical, administrative and financial cadre at the highest levels of knowledge qualification and practical experience, who carry out their work effectively and efficiently.

Re Insurance :-

The company has continued to play its role in supporting the economic activity in the country by obtaining reinsurance agreements with high absorptive capacities and reasonable financial costs, which reduced the export of hard currencies abroad as it reinsures its business with major re-insurance companies classified in the first category, whether at the regional or global levels .

Loss Preventions:-

It is one of the departments of the specialized company that conducts various surveys of all the facilities that are insured and aims to reduce the costs of property losses and to reduce or prevent accidents by identifying defect sites, filling gaps and increasing the necessary precautions, and it also conducts surveys when danger occurs. Estimating the true value of the damages, and sometimes consulting houses of expertise and major consulting offices specialized in this field.

Insurance products offered by the company:-

Marine insurance: (insuring goods transported by sea or air and losses incurred by land transported goods in accordance with the conditions of the land transport document).

Fire and theft insurance: (Property insurance against the dangers of fire, burglary and riot).

Engineering insurance: (machine failure, electronic equipment, all contractor risks, all installation risks, contractors’ equipment and machinery, boiler explosion).

Car insurance: (comprehensive insurance, third party).

Miscellaneous accident insurance: (money insurance, breach of trust, personal accidents, work injuries, glass insurance, civil liability, professional errors).

Aviation insurance: (aircraft and ship objects, liability insurance, personal accident insurance, license loss insurance).

Energy security: (during construction, during operation, the cost of controlling wells).

Agricultural insurance: (crop and livestock).

Export proceeds credit insurance.

Microfinance insurance: (includes intangible risks “honesty, honesty and methods of project management” and material risks “waste, mismanagement, depression, low prices, fire, theft, dishonesty, etc.).

Other insurances authorized by the Supreme Supervisory Authority.

Continuous success story:

The company has maintained its leadership in the Sudanese insurance market and its leadership in the regional markets (it occupies an advanced position among the best insurance companies in the MENA region, the Middle East and Africa).

The company maintained its leadership in the Sudanese insurance market and its leadership in advanced positions regionally thanks to the company’s classification at the regional and global levels, which was the result of strong and distinguished performance. And North Africa (MENA REGION), according to the classification of Al-Bayan Economic Magazine, the company received a number of distinguished international awards on its merits, as follows:

Excellence in business for the year 2014.

Business Excellence Award. Awarded by Global Trade 'Leaders Club - Madrid, 2014

The best insurance solutions team.

Best Insurance Solutions Team. awarded By Capital Finance International - London 2015

Best Islamic (Takaful) Insurance Company in Sudan for the year 2015.

Best Takaful Company Sudan. Awarded by The International Takaful Summit - London for the years 2015 and 2016

Best CEO of Takaful Companies for the years 2015-2016.

Takaful CEO OF The Year 2015, Awarded to The Managing Director Of Shiekan Insurance & Reinsurance Co. LTD by The International Takaful Summit - London 2015

The company won the award for the best (Islamic) Takaful insurance company in Africa, presented at the International Takaful Summit, which was held in February 2016 in London.

For the next year in a row, the company won the Best Insurance Solutions Team Award, from Capital Finance International - London 2016

 The company won the Socrates Award from the European Business Forum, during the Forum for Excellence in Quality and Management, which was held in Cannes, France for the year 2016 AD.

And the award for the best CEO of the year 2016 from the same entity, 2016 CEO of the Year

The company's obtaining of these awards is a well-deserved achievement that enhances its ability and confirms its competence and leadership in the Islamic insurance market locally and regionally.