Our leadership is committed to the requirements of the quality management system and change management by ensuring the policy, requirements, objectives and methodology of operations, providing resources, participation, guidance and support, and encouraging continuous improvement of the quality management system to provide distinguished insurance services by setting a long-term vision that reflects our values ​​and professional ethics in achieving our strategic goals

Our partners:-

We listen to all relevant parties, customers, employees, suppliers, reinsurance reinsurers, shareholders, Shari'a supervision, and the community to know and meet their needs and expectations and work with the requirements of the quality management system to meet them in order to achieve full satisfaction.


The efficient and effective participation of employees in accordance with their awareness of the requirements of the quality management system in the development and development of the company’s context, by creating a stimulating environment to take full advantage of their knowledge, experience and capabilities.

Operations and systems:

We work through a system of operations and systems methodology by controlling the inputs and outputs of all operations within the system and directing them to achieve the operational and strategic goals of the company.

Decision making:

Our decisions are based on evidence from real data on products and processes, and logical analysis of that data to reach information and facts that facilitate the process of objective decision-making.


We build strategic relationships with our suppliers and work with them to improve performance and excellence through evaluation and performance monitoring based on their ability to provide services based on the requirements of the company's quality management system controls.

Continuous improvement:

Creating a stimulating environment so that all employees can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our products, operations and management system to comply with customer requirements and enhance their satisfaction.

Version: 00/1

Date: 7/6/2021