Student Protection Document


Insurance policy for school and university students

What is the incident covered by the document?

           1.         Every injury to the body of a student or student without his will inside Sudan while he is in the protection of the educational institution to which he belongs, provided that the injury is not the result of hostile operations.

           2.         Any injury sustained by the student or the student against his will while he is participating in an activity outside the institution and under its responsibility (extra coverage is granted under special conditions).

           3.         Every injury to the student or the student against his will on his way to the institution back and forth from the nearest roads and in the absence of a cause for that.

Compensation under the "document" is not related to the question of who is responsible or accused in the accident

The insurance service is provided in the form of groups to students by the educational institution to which the student belongs to the company directly or through an agent of the company.

The document covers high school students, university students or institute students inside the school or university campus and during their transportation from school or university to their homes without changing the direction of the route.

The document covers the following risks:

ü  Death: Covers death resulting from a school accident

ü  Permanent physical disability (total or partial):

    If the student suffers from a permanent total disability within a year from the date of the accident, the company shall pay to the student or the beneficiaries the amount of insurance mentioned in the policy schedule

ü  Temporary total physical disability:

If the injury made him unable to continue studying and sit for the exam during the academic year, the company will pay him the amount shown in the table.

ü  treatment expenses

The company shall cover all costs of treatment, life-saving medicines, surgeries, and ambulance operations in government hospitals, with no more than 15% of the treatment cost, provided that the injury is an accident.

 In all of the above cases, the compensation shall be paid to the benefit of the beneficiary person whose name is specified in the statement made under the insurance and in the declaration of the accident, for the benefit of the “father” or “mother” or “the legal guardian” or the “insured”.

What are the necessary documents to be submitted to claim compensation in the event of an accident?

v  Notifying the company by the educational institution of the accident to the students, with a copy of the insurance certificate attached

v  The birth certificate of the student or student, as well as the national card or the national number of the guardian.

v  Police report in the event of a traffic accident involving transport vehicles or students.

v  A medical report specifying the type of injury, dated on the day of the accident, or within the ten days following the date of the injury, at the latest.


v  Fill out the accident declaration forms (A) and (B)