Agricultural Insurance


Agriculture is subject to risks consequently lead loss of crops which a farmer cannot bear especially   successive loss due to seasons it involves him in bankruptcy and instability which affect the public interest.

Shiekan Company provides wide cover includes irrigated, rain, horticulture and forests sectors.

crop insurance

It is part of the agricultural insurance. it is a system which compensates the farmer  for crop loss caused by blights or diseases ,locusts, birds ,insects ,fire , insufficient  rains and floods .

It is takaful work (legal business) between insurance holders which shiekan manages for them according to legal rules.

Risks covered by agricultural insurance:

1-   Blight and diseases

2-   Drought consequent to rain shortage

3-   Over watering consequent to heavy rains

4-   hurricanes and storms

5-   cold  and frost

6-   fires caused by lightning

life stock insurance

Risks covered by life stock insurance:

This policy covers ((cows – cattle – sheep-goats – camels)) Against:

1-   death due to diseases or accidents

2-   Theft (( for closed farms ))

3-   Over price

poultry insurance

This policy covers the following risks:

Death caused by diseases or fire or lightning or floods

Export value outcome insurance

Risks covered by Export value outcome:

This policy covers:

1-   Trade risks

2-   Non trade risks

micro –finance insurance

Risks covered by micro-finance insurance. this policy covers the following risks:

1-   Bank Insolvency (for the bank )

2-   Insurance  for projects against different  risks (theft, fire, electric damage ,engineering  damage, death of livestock and poultry,  rakshas and motorcycles, communications charging cards, production equipment)

3-   Recovery of finance amount in case of the death of the beneficiary and failure to pay back the financing bank or permanent or temporary disability of the beneficiary or partially (takaful cover).

procedures for livestock or agricultural insurance policy

1-   Insurance  application form

2-   Technical survey for insurance subject matter

3-   Issuing the insurance policy.