The Claims Department represents the real interface that confirms the credibility of the insurance companies in fulfilling their obligations towards the insured, because what these companies offer to the public dealing with them are nothing but promises and obligations to compensate them for the injuries or damages they incur to the insured property.

Therefore, the company’s management pays special attention to paying its customers’ claims as quickly as possible and upon receipt of the required documents, and the management has been constantly striving to develop its work, starting with choosing the best elements and ending with providing the necessary material precautions to pay compensation.

The basic procedures to be followed in the event of any claim being submitted

A / immediate notification to the insurance company.

b/ Notifying the company if the matter is related to a traffic accident or theft, and notifying the Civil Defense Police if the matter is related to a fire accident, along with bringing documents supporting the accident from these authorities.

c/ Submit the documents that support the claim from an insurance certificate and invoices for the value of maintenance or damage, in addition to the technical report on the damage and its causes and an initial estimate for that.

D/ The insured's commitment to the condition of the notification contained in each document separately, provided that it does not exceed the specified time period.